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Decision on Liquor Moratorium for Change for Target

After hearing from numerous neighbors in the Rogers Park community, Alderwoman Hadden has decided not to support Target's request to lift the package goods liquor moratorium on Sheridan Rd.

Residents expressed concerns that the addition of a liquor license at this location would have a negative impact on our locally owned liquor stores in the area, including at Hops and Grapes and Bruno's just north of Target. Furthermore, residents living next to the new Target who already experience disruptions to their quality of life due to delivery trucks and noise indicated that additional deliveries would create undue nuisance. Residents also expressed concerns about Target's proximity to Loyola University and the liquor moratorium is directly adjacent to a dry precinct. Finally, neighbors living in this area overwhelmingly expressed their desire to keep the restrictions on liquor sales in this part of the ward. If the office were to submit an ordinance lifting the moratorium, it would open the door for other businesses to also apply for a package goods liquor license in the area.

We want to thank Target and residents for participating in our community process. Target has been a great partner every step of the way and very responsive through this community process. We are happy to have them in the community and look forward to future partnerships.

Target Liquor License Request.png

The new Target on Sheridan Road is requesting a package goods liquor license. This was first announced during a community Town Hall in July. The stretch of Sheridan from Devon to Arthur has an existing package goods moratorium that prevents Target from applying for a liquor license. An ordinance would need to be introduced by Alderwoman Hadden lifting the moratorium to allow Target to apply for the permit to sell package goods liquor at this location. 

By lifting the package goods liquor moratorium on this stretch of Sheridan, it would allow other storefronts to apply for a package goods liquor license. Our office would have the option to re-instate the package goods liquor moratorium one year after lifting it. However, any business that obtained a liquor license during that time would be grandfathered in. 

Target has indicated that the addition of alcohol at this location would be a small complementary part to the rest of the store. One aisle would be dedicated to package goods liquor, with one side containing refrigerated beer and the other side containing wine and spirits. Target would provide the city with a Plan of Operation for the types of alcohol they would consume, which would explicitly prohibit the sale of single-serve (airplane size) items. 

During the meeting my office hosted on Tuesday, Target stated that they would add one delivery per week for liquor items. Target representatives would be required to undergo training to sell liquor, with a required score of 90% or higher on a written exam. Finally, Target will enforce a policy of requiring identification for every sale of alcohol regardless of age. 

My office is still gathering input from the community before making a final decision on whether or not to lift the moratorium. Please submit your feedback either by emailing or calling (773) 338-5796 by Friday, October 18. 

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