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Liquor Moratorium Process

The 49th Ward has several existing liquor moratorium zones. On streets with existing liquor moratoriums, liquor licenses cannot be requested, sold, or transferred except under limited circumstances (e.g., inheritance of the business by a family member). The moratoriums, in essence, prevent the opening of new liquor-licensed businesses and most transfers or changes of ownership and/or plans of operation for existing liquor-licensed businesses within the moratorium zone.

Lifting of a moratorium zone requires legislative action. Businesses may request a moratorium amendment, either for the sale of an existing business to request a liquor license at a new business, by filling out this form.


Lifting of a moratorium does not guarantee the issuance of a liquor license. If a moratorium is lifted or amended, businesses must still apply for a liquor license and go through the city's public notification and comment process.


The 49th Ward Office will flyer the specific areas within the moratorium boundary to ensure that those that live and work within the boundary are notified. Businesses and residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Alderwoman's office on any request to lift the liquor moratorium. 


Alderwoman Hadden will review feedback within two weeks from the initial public notice date. From there, she will make a decision on the request, which may include further community engagement in some cases.

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