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Loading/Standing Zones

Loading Zones

Loading zones are for the loading and unloading of deliveries to buildings. These zones are for commercial vehicles.They are not designated to reserve parking for business patrons or employees. Any commercial vehicle may park in any loading zone for the purpose of loading and unloading for up to thirty minutes.


15-Minute Standing Zones

Standing zones are designated areas in the parking lane for temporary parking. Vehicles parking in standing zones must have their hazard lights flashing while the driver is away from the vehicle.

Application Process

In October 2020, CDOT migrated loading and standing zone permits to the IPS-11 permitting system. This migration allows loading zone permittees a more efficient way to apply for, manage, and pay for their private benefit sign permits. Permittees will have to create a new account or log in to their existing account in the permit portal. This will allow them to easily pay their fees and update their account information. Loading zone permittees must use this permit portal to pay their initial fees and their renewal fees.   The links shown below will provide you with information on this process.

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