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City Council Committees

The role of an alderperson is primarily legislative. That is, aldermen are elected to pass laws to improve the quality of life for the residents of Chicago. 


Committees are a critical step in the democratic process where members of the City Council can focus their attention on specific issues facing the city. They provide a space where important hearings can be held to hold city departments and sister agencies accountable or to gain better insight into how the City is responding to a specific issue. Committees are tasked with drafting, reviewing, and revising legislation that comes before them before taking a vote to advance the legislation to the full City Council.  Before any piece of legislation goes before the full City Council, it must first pass its respective committee. 

Alderwoman Hadden's other committee appointments are as follows:

  • Committee on the Budget and Government Operations

  • Committee on Committees and Rules

  • Committee on Environmental Protection and Energy (Chair)

  • Committee on Ethics and Government Oversight (Vice Chair)

  • Committee on Health and Human Relations

  • Committee on Housing and Real Estate

  • Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights

  • Committee on Public Safety

The Chicago City Council meets once a month, except in August, to pass legislation after it has been through committee. The calendar for City Council meetings is available on the City Clerk's website. Residents may also learn how to sign up for public comment, attend, and live stream City Council meetings on the City Clerk's website

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