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After receiving community input via phone, email and in-person (both at the ward office and at our community meeting), Alderwoman Hadden has decided to support the request for a Special Use Permit for Discovery Management for a 15 person group home serving young adult women seeking treatment for eating disorders at 7450 N. Sheridan. Community concerns around operations, management, residents, use of the property, parking and resident engagement were considered and met thoughtfully and the Alderwoman has full faith that Discovery Management will work with neighbors and our office to be responsible members of the 49th Ward.

Discovery Practice Management will go ahead of the Zoning Board of Appeals for their request of a special use permit to establish a group home on Friday, September 20. Though Alderwoman Hadden has chosen to support their proposal, it will be up to the ZBA to make a final decision on whether or not to issue a special use permit. 

If issued a special use permit, only Discovery Practice Management will legally be allowed to operate a group home at this address. Should the building fall under new ownership, the special use permit would not transfer to the new owner and operator. Any new owner would be required to seek a new special use permit for this property should they desire to establish a group home. 


Discovery Practice Management wishes to obtain a special use permit for a group home at the address. Discovery Practice Management plans to use the property to treat up to 15 women (aged 18 and older) who suffer from eating disorders. The group home will have on-site supervised staff 24 hours a day to assist women in their path to recovery. The treatment activities for the patients will include working with dietitians, therapists, and other residents in treatment to make healthy choices around food and body image. 

Patients receiving treatment in the group home must be recommended to the program by their family or personal physician. This is not a transitional home or a shelter - meaning applications do not come from the Department of Corrections or from the Coordinated Entry System. When women finish or leave the program, they will return to the care of their families or authorized guardian. 


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