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PB49: Cycle 12

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The PB49 committees have been hard at work these past several months vetting ideas submitted and developing proposals. After working diligently contacting different city agencies and departments, the committed identified only two viable projects this year: improved lighting on Glenwood from Albion to Pratt and new planter boxes for the garden beds at Loyola Park. 


Given the low number of projects this cycle, our office will fund both items and allocate the remainder of the budget to street, alley, and sidewalk repairs. Those repairs will be determined from community input, the comprehensive infrastructure survey completed by the Streets & Infrastructure Committee, and recommendations from the Chicago Department of Transportation. 

With the disruption to the past few cycles due to the global pandemic, our office will be evaluating how we can reduce barriers and increase participation in this community-driven process moving forward. We will also be taking a look at project submissions from previous cycles to see if they should be reconsidered for inclusion in the upcoming cycle. Please stay tuned for more information on how to submit an idea during the next cycle of PB. 


If you have any questions and/or are interested in joining us for the next cycle, please email PB Coordinator Jeff Gonzalez at


The 12th cycle of PB49 kicks off on Friday, July 23! We are asking the open-ended question once again: if you could change one thing about our community that would make life better for you and residents overall, what would it be?

Between now and August 22, 2021, folks will have the opportunity to answer that question in a variety of ways:

  1.  Visit the new PB49 website, where you can create an account and submit your idea;

  2. Text "PB49" to 33339;

  3. Flyers will be posted in the main corridors of the ward with a QR code that folks can scan to open the new PB49 website on their smartphones;

  4. Participate in a Neighborhood Assembly on Thursday, August 5, at 6 pm; 

  5. At the 49th Ward table during the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival August 22-24.


Be on the lookout for more information on how and when to vote in October!

Do you want to become a community representative? We'd love to have you! Just make sure to complete the community rep sign-up form on the new PB49 website.

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