Sewer Improvement Project Slated to Begin June 1

Beginning June 1, 2021, the Department of Water Management's private contractor will begin work to install a new mainline sewer, structures, and pavement in the following areas:

  • Morse from Bell to Hamilton

  • Hamilton from Farwell to Lunt

  • Lunt from Bell to Oakley

  • Farwell from Ridge to the alley west 

  • Farwell from Wolcott to the alley west

  • Farwell from Wolcott to Ravenswood

  • Morse from Wolcott to the alley west

  • Lunt from Wolcott to the alley west

  • Greenleaf from Wolcott to the alley west

  • Estes from Wolcott to Ravenswood

  • Estes from Damen to the alley west

Sewer Main Replacement Map-49th Ward.png

As construction is underway, crews may close the streets to through traffic for safety reasons. Local traffic for area residents and business owners will be allowed in the area of construction. 

Throughout the project, crews will post "No Parking" signs as needed during work hours (generally 7 am - 4 pm). Crews will work to preserve as much parking as possible. "No Parking" signs will only be posted where crews are actively working and the parking restrictions will move along as the crew makes progress in the project. 

Before the project starts, the Department of Water Management will take photographs of the streets and the surrounding properties. These photographs help them restore the area to its preconstruction state. DWM does not assume, however, responsibility for damage to privately installed parkway improvements, including sprinkler systems, fences, flower beds and shrubbery. The project will not be considered complete until damaged sidewalks, parkways and streets have been repaired. 

To receive updates about the project, visit to register for notifications. You will need to enter your name, email address, and project identification number (PN 7155) to sign up. 

The sewer main replacement in these areas is projected to be completed at the end of June 2022.