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Shared Cost Sidewalk Program



The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program offers an opportunity for owner/occupants to share the cost of replacing sidewalks with the City. This voluntary program allows residents to replace sidewalks at a much lower cost than if they were to hire a private contractor.

The program covers the main walk, the courtesy walk, and existing catwalks/landing steps (the narrow strip of concrete adjacent to some curbs). Owner-occupants of corner houses will be charged for both the main (address) side and the sidewalk on the side of the house. CDOT will build ADA-compliant ramps where applicable, with the City paying the entire cost of the ramps.

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is very popular and is handled on a first-come, first served basis when the program opens in January. The funds are limited and the program closes for the year once the funds are allocated. The Department of Transportation typically announces when the program will open in mid-December. Keep your eye on my weekly e-newsletter and this website for that announcement. Please note that if you applied for the program in previous years, you must apply again when it re-opens.

Applications will only be accepted through the City’s 311 system or at the city’s Shared Cost Sidewalk website. Owner information and the property address must be provided at the time of the request.

Further information on the program is available by clicking here.

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