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1233 W. Pratt Survey Results & Update


Thank you for taking the time to engage with our office by attending the community meeting last month and providing feedback on the proposal for 1233 W. Pratt.

Our office received over 200 responses to the online survey, with 40 percent of respondents living within a block of the site. As reflected in the infographic, parking, height and a lack of affordability were the biggest concerns 49th Ward residents have about the proposal. While many expressed fears of blocked light or the strain on parking the development will create,  there was a strong call to include more affordable units regardless of the height and parking from several others.

Our office shared the feedback and input with the developer this week to see how it can be incorporated into the proposal. We will keep the community apprised of any proposed changes from the developer and continue to solicit feedback and host community meetings. The first meeting was only the first step in creating a long-term plan for the vacant lot. 

Stay tuned for further updates and next steps in the coming weeks! Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with questions at or to 

Share Feedback on the

Proposed Development at 1233 W. Pratt


On December 10, 2020, our office hosted a community meeting to discuss a proposed development for the vacant lot located at 1233 W. Pratt. We would like to hear from residents their feedback on the proposal. Click the buttons below to view the presentation provided at the December 10 meeting and then submit your feedback. More information on the development is also available below. 

Community Meeting for 1233 W. Pratt Proposal
Scheduled for December 10, 2020


Creative Designs is seeking a zoning change for the empty lot located at 1233 W. Pratt. The parcel in question served as the location of the Glenwood Sunday Market over the past summer. 

The owner is asking for a zoning change from an RS-2 to an RM-6, which would allow for additional density than is currently allowed under the RS-2 designation. The plans call for a 7-story residential development with a total of 78 units. The rear half of the proposed development's ground floor will include an on-site parking garage with a total of 44 parking spaces, 20 spaces for bike storage, and an E-charging station. The front half of the ground floor will serve as a lobby area for residents in the building. 

The zoning change triggers the city's Affordable Requirements Ordinance, which requires a developer to set aside 10% of units in the building as affordable (60% of the AMI) or to pay an in lieu of fee to a fund to build affordable units in other parts of the city. For 1233 W. Pratt, Creative Designs has agreed to keep the affordable units on-site and to set aside one additional unit as affordable in addition to what is required by ordinance. The affordable units will be proportionate to the unit breakdown in the building. The unit breakdown is:

  • 18 studio units

  • 46 one-bedroom units

  • 12 two-bedroom units

  • 2 three-bedroom units

The proposal includes the incorporation of green space, including a garden near the front entrance, an amenity terrace on the second floor for residents, and a green roof. 

To reduce congestion on Pratt, the garage will be accessible through the alley. The development will also include 1 off-street loading berth for trash, deliveries, and move-ins/outs to reduce congestion. 

The dynamics of the block are unique due to a history of spot zoning in the area. The block has some of Rogers Park's tallest buildings, with the building across the street at 1246 W. Pratt coming in at 13 stories and the Seville two parcels to the west coming in at 9 stories. The parcels located on the northwest and southwest corners of Pratt and Sheridan come in at 5 stories. The block also has a number of single-family homes located on it, with two sandwiching the proposed parcel. The buildings across the alley on the rear-end of the lot come in at 3 and 4 stories.

Our office is hosting a virtual community meeting with Creative Designs on Thursday, December 10, at 6 pm. Register in advance online by clicking here

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