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1415 W. Morse

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse

1415 W. Morse Decision.png

Decision - Approved

Mr. Falanga’s project is a well-thought-out proposal. The plans will add 16 new units of housing that are of a good size and reasonable price on a space that currently only serves as parking. His units can support residents who already live in the 49th Ward. His commitment to not raising rents for the existing 14 households, setting rents below market rate value for the new units, and adding to the affordable housing stock through triggering the ARO are all considerable improvements to the space. These improvements combined work towards realizing the goal of supporting development without displacement in the 49th Ward. I will be issuing a letter of support for the zoning change requested by Mr. Falanga and look forward to this development. Please read more about the background and see the Community Benefit Scorecard information for his project below.

Background: The owner of 1415 W. Morse, Mark Falanga, requested a zoning change from B3-2 to B3-3 and a rear setback variation, which would reduce the rear yard setback from 30 feet to 10 feet. The parcel at 1415 W. Morse has an existing four-story building with a total of 14 residential units and three commercial storefronts facing Morse Avenue. The zoning change would allow the owner to construct on the rear of the building a five-story addition that would comprise of 16 residential 1-bedroom/1-bathroom units. The existing units are priced between $680-775/month and the new units will be priced between $1,000-1,100; the two affordable units will be priced between $932-979/month which is 60% of the area median income for 49th Ward residents.

The zoning change would trigger the Affordable Requirements Ordinance, which means that two units would be set aside as affordable for people making 60% of the Area Median Income or less. The existing four-story building is undergoing a complete renovation. The addition on the rear of the building would be a continuation of the improvements to the property. 

The plans include ground floor parking for 11 vehicles, a roof deck lined with plantings, and the installation of an elevator. The existing building does not have an elevator and only has seven parking spaces. The site is adjacent to the Morse Red Line station, making it a transit-oriented development.

Process: Mark Falanga submitted his proposal to my office following our 49th Ward Zoning Change Process. After a first community meeting, several concerns were raised by immediate neighbors regarding lighting, access, and safety concerns to residential and commercial tenants in a neighboring building. Survey results from the community indicated fair support for the project with people approving of the increased density near commercial and transit as well as the increase to accessible housing. The barring concerns were about the impact on light, access and safety to the neighboring building. 

My office facilitated a walk-through with the neighboring property owner and some of his tenants with Mr. Falanga to further discuss the concerns. We then coordinated two meetings with Mr. Falanga, the neighboring property owners, the Dept. of Buildings, and our Zoning Administrator from the Dept. of Planning and Development to explore options for changes to the plan that could resolve neighbor concerns. Through these meetings, Mr. Falanga and his team made the recommended changes that resolved the neighboring concerns while maintaining the community benefits.

1415 W. Morse Community Benefits Scorecard:

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse

1415 Morse Community Benefits Scorecard.

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse

1415 W. Morse.png

On Monday, the 49th Ward office hosted its second community meeting on the proposal for 1415 W. Morse. During the meeting, the owner and developer, Mark Falanga, unveiled revised plans for the property. 

The revised plans incorporate changes based on the feedback we received during the first community meeting, the community survey, and conversations between the adjacent owner and the Department of Buildings. The main concerns were that the building would impact the adjacent building's light, create additional noise spillover, and create too narrow of a gangway between the two buildings. 

In conversations with the adjacent property owner, it was suggested that the developer at 1415 W. Morse flip the first-floor plan to create additional space in the gangway. By flipping the first-floor plan, it would also allow increased natural light for the adjacent building. The developer did adopt this suggestion, which will provide the additional egress and openness that the adjacent property owner sought. 

Additional concerns were raised during the community meeting and subsequent survey about the impact the extended building would have on traffic and garbage collection in the alley. The developer made revisions to the enclosed garage to improve traffic flow and mitigate any bottlenecking in the alley. 

Residents are asked to please share any feedback with the ward office on the revised plans through April 22 for consideration. A copy of the revised plans is available by clicking here. The community meeting is available to view on Facebook

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse


The owner of 1415 W. Morse, Mark Falanga, will join the 49th Ward office for a community meeting on Monday, April 12, 2021, at 6 pm. 


The developer will share updated plans based on the community feedback residents submitted to our office, from conversations with the adjacent property owner and tenants, and based on feedback from the city's Department of Buildings and Department of Planning and Development.  

Register to attend the meeting online at Spanish translation will be available.

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse


Thank you for taking the time to engage with our office by attending the community meeting last month and providing feedback on the proposal for 1415 W. Morse.

Our office received 86 responses to the online survey, with 60 percent of respondents supporting the proposal in its current iteration. As reflected in the infographic, the building's design, the impact on light, alley usage, and noise were the biggest concerns 49th Ward residents have about the proposal. Others, however, expressed strong support for the additional density in the neighborhood creating more support for local businesses and the addition of affordable and accessible units near the Red Line. 

Our office shared the feedback and input with the developer to see how it can be incorporated into the proposal. We are also in conversations with the Department of Buildings, Planning and Development, and the adjacent building owner on the best path to address the concerns respondents expressed in the survey. We will keep the community apprised of any proposed changes from the developer and continue to solicit feedback and host community meetings. The first meeting was only the first step in creating a long-term plan for the vacant lot. 

Stay tuned for further updates and the next steps. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with questions at or 

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse

Vaccine town hall (2).png

On February 11, 2021, our office hosted a community meeting to discuss a proposed development and zoning change request for the property located at 1415 W. Morse. We would like to hear from residents their feedback on the proposal. Click the buttons below to view the presentation provided at the February 11 meeting and then submit your feedback. More information on the development is also available below. 

Reunión comunitaria el 11 de febrero para
Cambio de zonificación propuesto para 1415 W. Morse


El propietario de 1415 W. Morse, Mark Falanga, solicita un cambio de zonificación de B3-2 a B3-3. También están solicitando una variación de retroceso trasero, que reduciría el retroceso del patio trasero de 30 pies a 10 pies.

La parcela en 1415 W. Morse tiene un edificio existente de cuatro pisos con un total de 14 unidades residenciales y tres escaparates comerciales frente a Morse Avenue. El cambio de zonificación permitiría al propietario construir en la parte trasera del edificio una adición de cinco pisos que comprendería 16 unidades residenciales de 1 dormitorio / 1 baño.

El cambio de zonificación activaría la Ordenanza de Requisitos Asequibles, lo que significa que dos unidades se reservarían como asequibles para las personas que ganan el 60% del Ingreso Medio del Área.

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 10.23.56
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 10.25.46 AM (1

El edificio de cuatro pisos existente se está renovando por completo. La adición en la parte trasera del edificio sería una continuación de las mejoras a la propiedad.

Los planes incluyen estacionamiento en la planta baja para 11 vehículos, una cubierta en el techo con plantaciones y la instalación de un elevador. El edificio existente no dispone de ascensor y solo cuenta con siete plazas de aparcamiento. El sitio está adyacente a la estación Morse Red Line, lo que lo convierte en un desarrollo orientado al tránsito.

La adición trasera no sería visible desde la calle Morse. El aumento de altura de la adición en el edificio trasero será compensado por el frente, disminuyendo así la masa en Morse Avenue.

1415 W. Morse.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 10.19.34
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 10.18.42

El propietario se unirá a nuestra oficina el jueves 11 de febrero de 6 a 7 pm para una reunión comunitaria para discutir un cambio de zonificación propuesto para el sitio.

Regístrese para asistir a la reunión comunitaria en . Habrá traducción al español disponible.

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