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North Side Housing & Supportive Services FAQ

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1. Why this location?

This location was chosen for its proximity to public transportation, cost, size and current configuration of the building, and a seller that is willing to work with us.


2. Are other locations still being pursued?

North Side Housing has consulted with a real estate broker and they have explored other options but the location on North Clark is the most viable option.


3. How is the purchase paid for?

Currently, North Side Housing has an investor that is looking at purchasing the property.


4. How many, maximum, will the shelter serve?

The shelter would be designed for a maximum capacity of 72 men


5. How are clients selected to be helped by North Side Housing? 

Clients are referred to us by the Coordinated Entry System (CES). North Side Housing does not accept walk-ins to its program. Additionally, clients must agree to a rigorous plan to get them back into stable housing that must be followed at all times to remain in the program. 


6. Do potential residents undergo criminal background checks, and if one is found are they admitted?

All clients are screened by the Department of Family and Supportive Services (DFSS) and then referred through CES to North Side Housing.


7. What felonies, if any, are acceptable?

All clients are screened through the CES before entry into the program. If a client has a history of sexual crimes, they will not be admitted into the program.


8. Are violent offenders and/or violent felons allowed in the program? 

All clients are screened through the CES before entry to the program.


9. What happens if a resident causes problems to the community? For example, harassing children at a nearby school? 

North Side Housing has a behavior contract with clients and holds individuals accountable for their behavior, up to the point of exiting them from the programming. 


10. Have any children been harmed by unhoused people in Rogers Park? 

North Side Housing is unaware of any individual in its program that has harmed a child. Additionally, the 24th District has no documented cases of a child being harmed, in any way, by an unhoused individual in Rogers Park. 


11. Will area residents who are in danger of homelessness be prioritized for admittance to this program/shelter?

North Side Housing accepts referrals from the Coordinated Entry System (CES) for admittance into our program. As far as prioritizing from the area, that is the determination of the Department of Family and Supportive Services but conversations regarding prioritization of those on CES from the 49th Ward are ongoing.


12. Are all the residents in Touhy Park going to be housed here or are these NEW residents transferred from other areas, such as Uptown?

DFSS would make that determination. However, NSH is open to prioritizing referrals, through CES, for those men in Touhy Park. It is also important to note that unhoused individuals are NOT required to accept services offered to them. For more information about the CES, you can visit:


13. The Preston Bradley Center looks horrific, but will you have the finances to upkeep the new facility?

Per our lease with the Preston Bradley Center, the owners were required to make all repairs. With respect to the new building, our lease will outline what specifically NSH will be responsible for versus the investor. In preliminary conversations, the investor will be responsible for major building repairs and NSH will be responsible for the day-to-day building maintenance. NHS includes these expenses in its operating budget.


14. Would a second floor be added? It seems like more space is needed for 72 people.

No, a second floor would not be added. Based on the square footage and the design expertise of professionals, there is ample space for 72 individuals.


15. Where will homeless women and children go?

There are several other emergency shelters for women and children in the city. The Chicago Coordinated Entry System (CES) is responsible for locating beds for women, families, and youth.


16. Will this shelter be LBGTQ+ friendly?



17. We have a huge Southeast Asian/Indian/Pakistani population in our area. Will resources be available for them in their native languages at the facility? Will anyone reach out and develop relationships with the cultural aid organizations from those communities? 

North Side Housing strives to provide services that are language and culturally appropriate. If able to relocate, they anticipate hiring additional staff and looking for individuals that would mirror the population they serve. However, if direct staffing does not meet the needs of individuals walking through the door, they have access to language services 24/7 (which they currently use for our other programs).


18. Will there be a curfew for the resident clients? 

Yes, there is a curfew of 8pm nightly for individuals in the program. 


19. Will residents be forced to leave in the morning and come back in the evening?

No, clients are able to stay in the building 24/7.


20. Will weapons be allowed? Will North Side Housing install metal detectors?

Weapons will not be permitted on the property. Any use or possession of a weapon would result in dismissal from our program. Metal detectors are not currently planned for the site.


21. How will substance use be monitored?

Staff members are trained in identifying substance use, facility monitoring, and checking clients/bags. Any use of illegal substances would result in dismissal from the program. 


22. Is there a written proposal that the public can view? A full-length proposal about the financing/space/services other than the PowerPoint?

NSH is unable to offer a full-length proposal at this time because they have not been permitted to enter the building and start planning the renovations.  A Chicago-based architect has agreed to develop the blueprints for the new shelter pro-bono but needs site access to complete plans. 


23. Will this shelter be transparent with the community?


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