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Asphalt Being Removed from Lot at 1233 W. Pratt

The Department of Law informed the 49th Ward office this week that the property owner of 1233 W. Pratt will begin to remove the asphalt surface of the parking lot that is currently located there.

The parking lot was constructed last year without permits or proper zoning approvals. After being built, neighbors adjacent to the parking lot complained of property damage due to flooding. Since the property owner failed to pull appropriate permits for the parking lot (and, therefore, no plans were submitted), the City cannot confirm if it is draining correctly, or if it is even connected to any drainage system at all.

Due to the violations, the property owner was cited by the City and has been going through the administrative court process. The Department of Buildings and the City's stormwater management consultant have accepted the proposal to remove the asphalt to resolve the violations and to address the issue of drainage.

Our office is open to working with the property owner on a long-term, community-driven proposal for this parcel that adheres to the proper requirements outlined in the City's Zoning Ordinance and Buildings Ordinance. 

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