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Development Proposal

for 1952 W. Morse

1952 W. Morse Decision

1952 W Morse.png
1952 W Morse ESP.png

Decision - Approved

Mr. Pisarenko's updated proposal incorporates the community input on the architecture and other features to create a building that is cohesive with the characteristics of the rest of the block. Mr. Pisarenko also made changes to the size and scope of the project to make it more affordable to future buyers once it hits the market. Finally, he incorporated ADA fixtures and features to the buildings to expand accessibility. 

Background: The owner of 1952 W. Morse, Ilya Pisrenko, requested a zoning change from RS-2 to RS-3. The zoning change allows him to tear down the existing 3-unit building and coach house to build two detached homes on a single parcel. The existing coach house on the property burned down in 2019 and is not in a habitable condition. 

Process: Mr. Pisarenko submitted his proposal to my office following our 49th Ward Zoning Change Process. After a first community meeting, residents shared feedback on the original proposal via a community survey. While the majority of respondents supported the original proposal, Mr. Pisarenko still took the feedback from the results and incorporated it into an updated proposal. He shared the updated proposal with the immediate neighbors, who expressed support for the new plans. Our office also conducted a second community survey, where the respondents demonstrated support for the zoning change and plans. 

Next Steps: The zoning change ordinance will be submitted during the next City Council meeting, where it will be referred to the Committee on Zoning for passage. 

1952 W. Morse Update

1952 W Morse.png

Based on the community's suggestions and immediate residential block feedback, 1952 W. Morse owner Ilya Pisarenko and his architect have incorporated more traditional elements into their design. The owner also reduced the size of the project to lower their future construction costs and make it more affordable for any potential buyers. Below is a list of changes they have made:

  • Gable roofing instead of a flat roof

  • Added front porches

  • Traditional siding

  • Reduced square footage per home. The original proposal called for around 2,300 square feet per home. The revised plans adjust each house to just over 2,000 square feet

  • The number of bedrooms on the top floor has been reduced from 4 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms

  • The entrance of the house has been adjusted to the front of the home instead of the originally proposed side entrance

Earlier this year, the 49th Ward office hosted a virtual community meeting. We also had an outdoor meeting with immediate neighbors to collect additional feedback.

1952 W. Morse Survey Results & Updates


Thank you for taking the time to engage with our office by attending the community meeting last month and providing feedback on the proposal for 1952 W. Morse.


Our office received 78 responses to the online survey, with 56.5% of respondents supporting the proposal in its current iteration. As reflected in the infographic, the lack of density, lack of affordable units, and the building's design were the biggest concerns 49th Ward residents have about the proposal. Others, however, expressed strong support for additional single-family homes in the neighborhood. 


Our office shared the feedback and input with the developer to see how it can be incorporated into the proposal. We will keep the community apprised of any proposed changes from the developer and continue to solicit feedback and host community meetings. The first meeting was only the first step in creating a long-term plan for the site. 


Stay tuned for further updates and the next steps. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with questions at or

Submit Feedback on 1952 W. Morse Proposal thru March 28

Vaccine town hall (4).png

On March 9, 2021, our office hosted a community meeting to discuss a proposed development and zoning change request for the property located at 1952 W. Morse We would like to hear from residents their feedback on the proposal.

The architect's renderings of the proposal are below. You may also click the buttons below to view the March 9, 2021, and then submit your feedback. More information on the development is also available below. 

3011MORSE front.png
3011MORSE SUBD A1.png
3011MORSE SUBD A3.png
3011MORSE SUBD A2.png

Community Meeting on 1952 W. Morse Proposal Scheduled for March 9

unnamed (4).png

The 49th Ward office will host a virtual community meeting for a development proposal at 1952 W. Morse on Tuesday, March 9, at 6 pm.

The property owner, Ilya Pisarenko, is seeking a zoning change from RS-2 to RS-3. The proposal is to tear down the existing 3 unit building and a coach house that currently occupies the lot. The coach house burned down in 2019 and is not in a habitable condition. 

The owner would like to build two new single-family homes on the lot, each coming in at 30-feet tall. There would be shared green space between the two homes. Each home would also have its own garage. 

Sign up in advance to attend the community meeting at Spanish translation will be available. 

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